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001 Mohair

001 Mohair 001: Mohair graphite

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#001: Mohair graphite

Soft hand
Heavy luxurious pile
Gorgeous luster and shine
Dies well - brilliant colours
Eco friendly
Naturally durable used in commercial and residential applications
Wrinkle and crush resistant
Perfect for show wood legs (non skirted pieces)
Welt is thick, contrast welt in another fabric or leather is recommended
Topstitching is not recommended
Woven from long silky fibre of the Angora goat
**maintenance: regular vacuuming with a soft nozzle in the direction of the pile

fabric specifications ...

content: 100% mohair
abrasion: 80,000 dr
width: 54"w
direction: rr
care: "s" solvent only
available colours: 5 colours
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