The Jewellery of Fine Furniture

As a proponent of constructing furniture using the best of materials, Gresham House is proud of the fine upholstered furniture we manufacture.

Yet it is our valued & talented Designers who create through their eye the beauty of fine furniture. Their inspirations point to the many elements that can be utilized to embellish what Gresham House builds, with the finished product resulting in a stunning collaboration of well appointed furniture.

These elements are what we call the jewellery of our furniture.

......beautiful ribbons banded along the base of a cascading waterfall skirt

......hand tapped nailhead, highlighting the silhouette of a chair

......polished ferrules adding stately elegance to the legs of a bench

......magically matched patterns showing the beauty of fabric placement

......highlighting the run of a gently sloped arm with contrast welting


......placing a complimentary fabric along the back of a chair to create more interest

exclusively for interior designers*

*If you are a certified Interior Designer or Interior Decorator we would love to work with you!