Style at Home says navy is the colour…..

Style at Home trend issue January 2011 shows Navy as being the new colour, I went into the factory this morning to see what was happening at Gresham House and saw a sea of purple.  These are pieces that are going through this week and they are all for different designers!  Purple Mania!!!!  Take a look.
A perfectly matched purple tribal print (don’t worry the bubble wrap will come off the legs)

Purple swirl bergere chair (don’t worry, we know it is missing a back and missing the welt)

Rayan - you should be wearing a purple shirt!

I love the feel of this fabric!

How sweet is this?  This headboard is for a girls room, we are also upholstering a purple base with white turned legs to match!  Lucky girl!

Purple dining chairs:
P.S.  I am referring to the colour as “purple” but I know that my designers will set me straight and tell me it is not purple - as soon as I am corrected I will update my blog.  Remember I just build the furniture - I don’t put the rooms together - that is why you hire a designer!

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