Our New Metal Chairs

It takes great consideration and perseverence to create a new design for the Gresham House line-up.

Many tweaks and adjustments later, Marilyn is extremely particular so this is a painstaking process, we have two stunning chairs based on the same styled metal frame. The metal frame is shown in New Age Bronze finish, and is also available in Polished Chrome or Brushed Chrome.

Style 7120 shows as tufted seat and back while the 7122 has channeled seat and back.  

The side profile of either chair is where the styling is so beautiful, it's artful and visually pleasing.

Although these chairs are both very beautiful they are not lacking in the comfort of the sit.  Tufted seats are always comfortable and the channeled sit is no slouch either.

We think these chairs are such great additions to the showroom and our furniture assortment.

exclusively for interior designers*

*If you are a certified Interior Designer or Interior Decorator we would love to work with you!