Podcast with Max, Marilyn and Kitestring!

Our friends from Kitestring invited dad and I to join in their podcast series called "My Better Business Half" where dad and I talked about what it is like to work with your parent/daughter.  As per usual Marilyn and Max didn't hold back and Max yodelled his way through the podcast!  Although I was extremely nervous to partake, I was so thankful to actually take the time and stop to reflect on where and how it all began for dad and I on this crazy journey, and to see how far we have come.  It also became clear to me that there is just no pretending in our world, yodelling and all, we are a crazy but dedicated bunch who are out to work hard but enjoy the ride!  If you want to delve into the life of an entrepreneur be sure to check out this podcast series  http://mybetterbusinesshalf.com/

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