IDS11 was a success!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were thrilled to have been apart the IDS show this year, it was a special year.  Thank you to everyone who visited our booth.  Thank you to Jane Lockhart ( and her team for all of their hardwork and amazing booth design and furniture design.  We just could not stop smiling with all of the positive feedback and we hope that you all liked your fortunes…!!!!  Here are some photos!

  Opening night Marilyn, Jeff, Maureen, Jane, Ramona, Cathy and Max
Hellooooooo booth #2315, only the best!!!!!

All the way from Calgary Alberta, my designer peep Siobhan!!!  Did you see the colour toilet paper?  Jeff (Mr. Perfect Dresser) went crazy for the TP…..the girls on the other hand were a little hesitant…!!!!!  Jeff’s beautiful flowers and Jane’s gorgeous photo.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come to our booth and sit on our pieces and chat with us, thank you to Jane’s team for your booth and furniture design and thank you to the Gresham House team for your dedication….I have to admit that Max - the 75 year old was the last guy standing and still going strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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