Dining Chairs

I grew up with a father who would always pontificate on the importance of a solid dining chair and after years of eye rolling this past weekend I was reminded that (darn it) he was right!  When we entertain...which I have to admit is rare with a 3 year old and 6 year old...we spend endless hours sitting at our dining room table. 

Now I understand why,  our dining chairs are not only pretty, they are also well built so that you WANT to sit on them all night long....although hopefully not as long as we did last weekend because recovery time is prolonged as we age!

Working with a designer and investing in quality pieces makes sense and in the end actually saves you money because not only are you guided to make the right decisions, the end result is outstanding. 

Here are a few of my fav's.

Next time I will talk about the importance of solid counter stools....especially when dealing with a 3 and 6 year old!


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