Before the party…...

It has been over one week since our party and we have recovered enough to post some pictures.  Here are our before shots…..I had butterflies in my stomach so Cathy poured me some wine….and then dad told me not to drink too much…and so Cathy poured me some more!

Dad is hard at working hanging our pictures, here is the official “Gresham House” crest.

Jane Lockharts new collection of sofas and chairs - in order to appreciate you must sit on these pieces.

Sweet treats for our designers:

Ramona’s party chair - sideways!

Dad and Janet Cross (our eastern Ontario rep) are deep in discussion..!!!

The food from The Fat Duck Gastro Pub starts to arrive…yummy!

Ramona made me pose for the picture (where is my wine?!!) - pretty pretty pretty orchids!!

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