A Blast from the Past

Last week, one of our designers emailed us some photos. This of course is not unusual - from time to time we are fortunate to received images of our furniture pieces in their finished spaces (Love these, keep them coming!). But this time, they were a little different. For those of you who have gotten to know Max and Marilyn over the years, you will have heard stories about their previous experiences in the furniture industry. Max of course has been working with furniture for a very long time...

These pictures are of sofas from Max's company in the 80s - yes you read that right - the 1980s, called Butler & Roberts. Check it out!

Yup, still going strong, and we are told, still loved by the clients!

Amazing right? Anyone with Gresham House furniture today can expect the same level of quality and attention to detail - we hope todays clients will be sending us their photos in 20 to 30 years.

I believe Max said it best,

A special thank you to Toby Yull for passing on these photos. 

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