2016 A New Beginning

It's the beginning of a new year, bringing with it the opportunity for fresh  starts, and a new clarity. Hopefully we are well rested, rejuvenated and filled with the momentum to step forward positively into 2016.

Gresham House experienced a great year in 2015.  We welcomed both Kim & Lina to our showroom and office, the showroom saw the infusion of quite a few newly designed styles in accent & dining chairs, along with refined & updated styles for sofas.

We also met many new friends, in Designers who came to Gresham House for the first time, always a pleasure to work with you!  Thanks to those of you spreading the word about us, our loyal Designers are a treasured group!

There are plans in the works for 2016, new additions to our line-up yet to come, some interesting events planned, new friends to meet.

What are you reaching for in 2016?



exclusively for interior designers*

*If you are a certified Interior Designer or Interior Decorator we would love to work with you!