Modular Sectional

Designed for its’ versality, our new “Mod”ular sectional has no limits, and at 42” deep provides serious lounging capability. When you are bored and want a change, just move the pieces and reconfigure.

Mod 2.0  #4800

Watson Sectional

At 34” in depth the Watson sectional is your solution to a tight space.

Joseph II Sectional

Core Line Sectionals

This is where you get to flex your design muscle and have fun. We have a myriad of styles and shapes available to you. Choose your style, choose your depth (36” or 39”), choose your layout and give us your desired LAF and RAF lengths. We’ll do the rest!.

Clarke Sectional
Alana Sectional
Walsh Dining Banquette Sectional
Daniel Sofa Gresham House Furniture Sofa Style #3610s or 4610d
Franklin Large Sofa Gresham House Furniture classic rolled arm sofa Style #3411
Alistair Sectional
Phillip II Sofa
Eric Sofa
Eric II Sofa
Andrew Sectional Gresham House Furniture Sectional Style #9032
Henry Sofa Gresham House Furniture Sofa with classic tuxedo arm Style #9000s or 4550d
Peter Sectional Gresham House Furniture Sectional Style #9002 - front
Patrick Sectional
Dennis Sectional
Jasper Sectional

exclusively for interior designers*

*If you are a certified Interior Designer or Interior Decorator we would love to work with you!